Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg, an internationally recognized specialist in the
Field of Human Sexuality, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and
has received a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from Adelphi
University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology (Human Sexuality) from the
American Academy of Clinical Sexologists. In addition to being a Licensed
Psychotherapist, Dr. Rothenberg, a member of the American Association of
Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, is a Board Certified Clinical
Sexologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology and a Certified Sex


Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg has, for several years, held an academic
appointment at the University of Central Florida, School of Social Work in the
College of Health and Public Affairs where he has directed an educational
program and taught graduate courses in clinical practice with individuals,
families, couples and children and treatment and prevention of sexual abuse.
Dr. Rothenberg has also developed the curriculum in Human Sexuality and
teaches advanced clinical practice in Human Sexuality at the graduate level.
Dr. Rothenberg serves as an Adjunct Lecturer of Education at Miami’s Barry
University where he teaches Human Sexuality to graduate and doctoral
students in the Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy
program. As an expert in Human Sexuality, Dr. Rothenberg has personally
trained and educated hundreds of mental health providers, marriage
counselors and therapists to be better practitioners.


Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg is internationally recognized as a leader in the
Field of Human Sexuality and Relationships and is an accomplished,  
engaging and sought after public speaker. Dr. Rothenberg has served as a
keynote speaker, conference presenter, guest lecturer and panel participant
at prestigious venues such as Yale University, Peking University (Beijing,
China) and The German Society for Sexuality Research (Munich, Germany).
Dr. Rothenberg provides continuing education workshops and is available for
local, national and international speaking engagements.


Due to his clinical expertise in Human Sexual Behavior, Sexologist, Dr.
Michael Ian Rothenberg is regularly contacted to provide consultation by
various media sources such as television shows, news outlets, radio  
programs and print media. These have included:

Discovery Health/
The Learning Channel (TLC)
Telemundo (Latin America)
NTN24 (Latin America)
Tribune Media

As a consultant, Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg serves as a valuable resource   
to movie and television producers, directors, authors, screenwriters, reporters
and journalists and is always pleased to educate people about the world of
Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior.     


In addition to his extensive clinical work in the Field of Sexual Addiction,
Sexual Compulsivity and Hypersexual Behavior, Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg  
is considered one of the world’s primary specialists in the emerging field of
Thanatological Clinical Sexology and has conducted research on sexuality,
death and dying and the relationship between sexuality and terminal illness
among palliative care professionals, terminally ill patients and their family
caregivers. Dr. Rothenberg is known internationally for his clinical work on
understanding the content and process of thought in combating and treating
Sexual Addiction, Sexual Compulsivity and Hypersexual Behavior as well as  
in providing effective treatment for Sexual Anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction and
Sexual Dysfunction. Dr. Rothenberg continues to conduct research and has
had his work published in prestigious international sexuality journals.  


Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg, Sexologist and Psychotherapist, is an
internationally recognized specialist in the Field of Human Sexuality. As the
Founder and Clinical Director of the Center for Counseling and Sexual Health
of Winter Park, Florida, one of the Nation’s premier centers for the treatment
of Pornography Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Sexual Anxiety, Sexual
Dysfunction and Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Trauma, Dr.
Michael Ian Rothenberg provides individual counseling, therapy, relationship
and marriage counseling, psycho-educational and psycho-sexual support. As
both a sexuality and relationship specialist, through websites, teaching,
consultation and presentations, Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg has, to date,
provided clinical support, education and information to individuals, couples,
families and organizations from across the United States and from more than
150 countries throughout North America, South America, Africa, Europe and
Michael Ian Rothenberg Ph.D., LCSW
1950 Lee Road Suite 219 Winter Park, FL 32789
Licensed Psychotherapist SW8380  *   Board Certified Clinical Sexologist  *  Certified Sex Therapist
Dr. Rothenberg
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