Common Questions Explored in Counseling

  • Am I “normal”?

  • Do I please my partner?

  • Why doesn't my partner please me?

  • Why is there no “spark” in bed?

  • How do I increase excitement/desire?

  • Is it OK to fantasize?

  • My partner has cheated. Can I trust again?

  • How do I work through my anger?

  • Have I fallen out of love?

  • I‘m not happy. How do I not hurt my partner?

  • Am I gay or lesbian?

  • Am I bisexual?

  • Does my partner want to do sexual things that I don’t?

  • Do I want to do sexual things that my partner doesn’t?

  • Do I have questions about orgasm?

  • Do I have questions about premature ejaculation?

  • Do I have questions about delayed ejaculation?

  • Do I have a sexual addiction?

  • Am I sexually compulsive?

  • Do I have a problem with online sexual activity?

  • Does my body/sex not match how I feel inside?

  • How do I tell my parents, partner, family or children?

  • Have I experienced abuse or trauma?

  • Do I suffer from the effects of childhood abuse/trauma?

  • How do I help my children with abuse/trauma?

  • Has my child’s abuse/trauma affected my relationship with my partner/spouse?

  • Am I concerned about my child’s sexuality?

  • How do I talk about sex with my children?

  • How do I deal with sex and a partner who is ill?

  • Do I suffer from loss and grief?

  • Do I experience feelings of abandonment?

  • Do I experience worry or fear?

  • Do I feel shame?

  • Do I feel guilty?

  • Do engage in self injurious behavior?

  • Do I cut myself?

  • Do I have problems at work/school?

  • Do I have problems with relationships?

  • Do I have low self esteem?

  • Am I shy?

  • Do I have anxiety?

  • Am I depressed?
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