Gay and Lesbian Individuals and Couples

Am I depressed?

Do I have anxiety?

Am I lonely?

Am I angry?

Is my partner angry with me?

Am I bored?

Do I have problems with honesty?

Does my partner have problems with honesty?

Do I have difficulty trusting others?

Have I ever experienced real love?

Do I have trouble forming relationships?

Do I have trouble keeping relationships?

Do I have trouble communicating with my partner?

Does my partner have trouble communicating with me?

Do I have a loss of desire?

Do I have a loss of arousal?

Are we sexually incompatible?

Have we fallen out of love?

Do I have a sexual addiction?

Do I experience sexually compulsive behavior?

Do I experience sexually impulsive behavior?

Do I enjoy unusual sexual behaviors?

Am I normal?

Do I have relationship issues?

Do I want additional sex partners?

Does my partner want to bring in a third?

Do I experience too much anonymous sex?

Is my partner lying to me?

Am I lying to my partner?

Is my partner cheating?

Am I tired of infidelity?

Do we lack emotional connection?

Am I dealing with coming out issues?

Am I dealing with family issues?

Am I dealing with work related issues?

Do I want to change my life?

Do I have trouble expressing disapproval?

Do I have trouble with criticism?

Am I co-Dependent?

Do I have a desire to please others?

Do I have trouble saying no?

Is my child gay?

Is my spouse gay?

Am I closeted?

Am I dealing with religious issues?

Do I have spiritual issues?

Do I engage in excess drinking?

Do I engage in excess drugging?

Do I engage in risky behaviors?

Do I have body image issues?

Do I have questions about sexuality and illness?

Do I have HIV/AIDS?

Am I experiencing loss and grief issues?

Am I a gay widower?

Do I have middle age issues?

Do I have recurring dating issues?

Do I have problems with commitment?

Am I a survivor of sexual abuse?

Did I experience childhood trauma?
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