Relationship Counseling

Issues with:


Do you or your partner have a sexual addiction?

Are you or your partner a survivor of sexual abuse or sexual

Not talking?
Nothing in common?
Having the same argument again and again?

Issues with:

Sexual Incompatibility?

Dr. Rothenberg is a relationship specialist who works with
both married and unmarried couples.

Some common issues explored in couples counseling:

I’m not happy anymore

I don’t know how to please my partner

My partner doesn’t know how to please me

Is my partner normal?

Am I normal?

We fight all the time

We stopped having sex

My partner has a sexual addiction

Am I codependent?

My sexual abuse/trauma has affected my current relationship

My partner would rather spend time viewing internet porn

We can’t communicate

We have money problems

We don’t talk anymore

We have separate lives

I don’t know how to show love

My partner doesn’t know how to express love

I’m afraid of intimacy

My partner doesn’t understand me

I’m too tired for sex

I avoid sexual contact

We are more like roommates

My partner doesn’t help me

I have to do all the work

I’m not interested in sex like I used to be

My partner never initiates sex

I’m tired of being rejected

We had a baby and we don’t have sex anymore

We’re living beyond our means

We don’t agree on how to raise our children

My partner doesn’t spend time with our children

We have the same fight over and over again

We have nothing in common

My partner is too demanding

My partner keeps bringing up the past

My partner doesn’t seem to have time for me

My partner is not attracted to me any more

I’m not attracted to my partner any more

My partner has cheated

I can’t trust my partner anymore

I’m attracted to someone else

I don’t desire my partner

I don’t think I’m in love anymore

I’m not aroused

I don’t have orgasms

We have issues with family members

The in-laws have come between us

We never have any privacy

There never seems to be enough time

We have busy schedules

I have problems at work

My partner works all the time

I have depression

I have anxiety

I experience guilt

I experience shame

I’m confused

I have sexual identity issues

I can’t live like this anymore

We want things to be better between us

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